Shamwari Meats

Shamwari Meats is an Australian owned business specialising in Traditional South African recipes for Biltong, Stokkies, Droewors & Boerewors. Made fresh weekly and welcome custom orders. We Deliver Australia wide

All products are 100% Australian Beef

(Buffalo and Camel biltong available by order)


Products include:

Biltong – traditional moist whole or sliced – fatty or lean

Stokkie’s – dried thin sticks, flavours are traditional, garlic/chilli and peri-peri (hot)

Droewors – dried spiced South African sausage


Biltong is a cured meat that originated in South Africa by the Dutch settlers in the 17th century.  Biltong as we understand it today evolved from the dried meat carried by the wagon- travelling pioneers, who needed stocks of durable food as they migrated from the Cape Colony north-eastward into the interior of Southern Africa during the Great Trek.  Today biltong has become a popular high protein snack and enjoyed by many including campers, fishermen, hunters and sports people.

Shamwari (meaning “friend” in the Shona language of Southern Africa) is a locally owned family business.  Here at Shamwari we cure our biltong with a traditional home made spice blend.  The meat is then marinated without artificial preservatives, and then cool air dried in a controlled environment meeting the Northern Territory health standards.